Chicago's ERP solution center for small to mid-size manufacturers
Chicago's ERP solution center for small tomid-size manufacturers

Rapid Response Manufacturing

Rapid Response Manufacturing (RRM) is the industry's only fully-integrated ERP and MES software solution for small to mid-sized discrete manufacturers (SMB).

This powerful system offers you complete quote-to-bill management capabilities. It can be configured to meet your organization’s specific needs, is easy to install and use, and has tremendous functionality with complementary modules and a complete financial accounting and reporting system in real time.

RRM Quality integrates throughout the ProfitKey system for control over inspect of goods, from your supplies or on the shop floor with user defined sampling plans, defect tracking with cause and corrective action to lock down suspect good, move tickets anywere in the system and extensive reporting.

The unique common sense scheduling increaes on-time delivery while providing lastest possible start to optimize material usage and save money. This includes a scheduler's workbench to allow users to analyze workstations, groups and departments for bottlenecks and then make quick changes and real time 'what if' to give realistic promise dates even before you get the order.

Core Modules Include:

  • Accounting

  • Customer

  • Engineering

  • Inventory

  • Inventory Data Collection

  • Labor Data Collection

  • Planning

  • Purchasing

  • Manufacturing

  • System 

  • Cause and Corrective Action

  • CRM

  • Customer and Supplier Portals (for E-commerce)

  • Dashboards

  • MES

  • Quality

  • Technical Estimating

  • Kanban

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